Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sketches for the Week

Some random sketches I made during the week.

This is harder than I thought...

I had a hard time with this assignment. It looks ok so far but I'll fix this up later tonight. Even after redoing it, it still doesn't feel right. Here's the follow through tail movement.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Bouncing Ball ver. 2.1

Well I got feedback on my bouncing ball today and it there were some problems with it. So before I forget, I reworked it with the input I got after class. I hope this turned out better than the second one. The bounce seems a bit more fluid and believable. Oh and I finally realized that I can enlarge the video. I thought I had to be that thumbnail size. Here we go again.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bouncy bouncy

With this project, I had a hard time in the beginning to figure out how to make a decent ball bounce. I think I reworked the first bounce at least 3 times. It turned out well but I might make changes later. My scanner was being a pain when I tried to scan my work. For some reason it didn't like frame 9 and 25. I figured out the problem later. I had to set scan to full scan instead of 1 picture. Well here it is. Go go bouncing ball!

Edit: Rescanned it. The ball was too light and I couldn't see it bounce in the thumbnail. Hopefully this one is a little easier to see.

Keep on sketchin'

Here's a few of the pictures from my sketchbook. I still need to work on observing people, but maybe next week. I'm surprised my dog came out pretty well since I'm horrible at drawing animals. There's also a tree study and some random character I started to draw. Hope you guys like it.

Friday, January 15, 2010

An Artist's Life

The quote from the Animator's Sketchbook I like the most is:
"Finally, I cannot stress too strongly the value of carrying a sketch book at all times. In it you can record notes and ideas and, above all, a continuous record of your development as an artist or cartoonist."- From Cartooning Fundamentals by Al Ross
As an artist, drawing everyday helps improve our work over time. I cannot expect to become a good animator without practicing everyday. In my first sketchbook, I thought my sketches were really good but now when I look back on it, it doesn't seem as good. I can see the progress I made as an artist from looking back at my old work so I will continue to draw in my various sketchbook to see where it takes me.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Favorite Animations

I enjoy watching animated films and shows. My favorite animated movies are Shrek 2, Mulan, and Spirited Away. These are movies I can watch over and over without getting bored or tired of them.

The movie Shrek 2 is a great movie that goes against the typical/stereotypical fairy tale stories and features a character that wouldn't normally be the main character.

Mulan is a great movie and it is based on a old story that came from China. It is a 2D film that has smooth animation and lots of action. This is my favorite Disney film.

Spirited Away is a Japanese animated film that combines a sense of reality with the spirits. The story is great and shows how the main character, Chihiro copes with leaving her comfort zone and tries to adapt to her new world.

My other favorite movie is Iron Man but I'm not sure if that classifies as "animation" although someone had to animate the suit. While watching the film, it is hard to tell that the suit is not real. It is a blend of live-action with animation.