Monday, November 8, 2010


Argh... I just realized the second character doesn't have his hand in a fist for the last two poses.... I'll fix that later...

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  1. Hey Michelle, it's Cherise. Idk why the post I did earlier didn't come out. Oh well.

    I had this long post but let's just keep it short and simple this time. Overall I feel the general idea of the animation, however there are a few things that need to be adjusted. Don saw this as well (another animator here) and said that he wasn't feeling the anger from the accusing guy. This means probably that your poses need to be looked over and strengthened to really convey he's upset with him. Another note Don mentioned is that right now the composition is a bit too symmetrical. If you were to draw a line straight down the middle, it would be almost like a mirror (this is emphasized by the fact that the same rig is being used). He suggested to maybe move them closer together. Also he felt that the angry character stays in the same position too much, and that you should move him around a little since he's upset.

    Some of my major notes were: I think that in these key poses you need to really show what's changing between the poses. The major movement is in there, but the change between the key poses should be felt in the entire body. For instance, the part where the guy on screen left says "Kindness?" and tilts his head at the other guy, rather than just moving his head, make sure to get in there and really pose his entire body out so that you know how he's shifting from the pose before to the pose after. You can add break down poses between the keys as well to show how they get from pose to pose. For example, does he maybe shrug when he says "Kindness?" and then tilt his head at the guy? Does he maybe shift his weight so that he starts out farther from the guy, then shifts his hips just a bit and is leaning on his other hip? You should definitely plan out your weight movements so that you can see where things are going.

    Please look at this link:

    I wouldn't recommend doing the part where the guy talks about keying every other frame (at least not at the stage of learning you're at), but really look at that beginning part that talks about not posing generally, and rather about posing specifically. Spend the time now to pose your character and really give it love. It won't just get better in the polishing stage if you don't give enough time and thought in the beginning posing part.

    Let me know if you need any clarification on my comments. :) Keep up the good work though!